A new espionage campaign by a hacking group with suspected ties to Russia was spotted targeting Ukraine, Europe, and India

Russia-aligned ‘Winter Vivern’ APT group spotted targeting Ukraine, Europe and India.

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The group, known as Winter Vivern, is ‘highly creative’ and operates with limited resources, carefully selecting targets for attacks, according to an analysis by cybersecurity company SentinelOne. The hackers’ activities appear to support the interests of the Russian and Belarusian governments, especially in relation to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the report says.

Winter Vivern recently targeted various government agencies and private businesses, including telecoms companies supporting Ukraine, SentinelOne said. The list includes Polish government agencies, the foreign ministries of Ukraine and Italy, and individuals in the Indian government.

It is unclear how successful the group’s attacks were and what damage they caused. SentinelOne did not respond Thursday morning to The Record’s request for comment.

The research report said that organizations directly or indirectly involved in the war should be vigilant against the group’s cyberattacks.