Amazon prevails in EU legal battle over VLOP status

Amazon scores a temporary win in its battle against EU regulations labeling it a Very Large Online Platform (VLOP). The General Court of the CJEU grants Amazon’s request to suspend certain Digital Services Act (DSA) requirements, including ad data access and non-profiling recommender systems.

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Amazon has temporarily won a case against the EU regulations that designate it as a Very Large Online Platform (VLOP) mandating access to its advertising data. The General Court of the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) in Luxembourg has accepted Amazon’s plea for interim actions, which involve postponing specific Digital Services Act (DSA) obligations. These responsibilities encompass the creation and disclosure of an advertising database, along with the provision of recommender systems that do not rely on profiling for users. The court’s ruling preserves the existing situation for a limited period. Amazon views this as a significant step in contesting its VLOP classification. Nonetheless, the court rejected one aspect of Amazon’s application, and the broader legal dispute remains ongoing.

Why does it matter?

This reflects a broader struggle between tech giants like Amazon and regulatory bodies in the EU over the control and transparency of digital advertising and online platforms. The EU’s classification of Amazon as a VLOP under the Digital Services Act (DSA) imposes certain obligations, including providing access to ad data and changing recommender systems. Amazon’s temporary victory in suspending these requirements highlights the ongoing debate about tech regulation, data access, and the influence of major online platforms in the EU market.