Apple shows support for the ‘Right to Repair’ bill in California

The bill, known as SB 244, aims to allow consumers to repair their electronic devices without compromising privacy or data security.

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Apple has surprised many by supporting California’s ‘Right to Repair’ bill, SB 244. In a letter to state senator Susan Talamantes Eggman, Apple stated that it backs the bill as it provides consumers with safe repair options while protecting their privacy and security. This is a notable move for Apple, which has historically opposed the right to repair legislation. The California Right to Repair Act would require manufacturers to make fair and reasonable repair options available to consumers, regardless of warranty status. The bill has already passed a Senate vote and is pending assembly approval.

Why does it matter?

The bill covers a wide range of consumer electronics and appliances, with exceptions for game consoles and alarm systems due to concerns over piracy and security. Apple’s support is expected to significantly boost the bill’s sponsors, and it comes at a time when similar legislation is being introduced in several other states. Similar bills have been introduced in at least 14 other states.