Bahrain launches eFada certification system to enhance consumer protection in e-commerce

Bahrain’s new eFada certification system aims to safeguard consumers, combat fraud, and foster trust in e-commerce platforms.

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Bahrain has launched eFada, a free certification system for e-commerce websites, with the aim of enhancing consumer protection and combating fraud. The system enables customers to easily determine whether a website is a registered and active business. His Excellency, Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, the Minister of Industry and Commerce, made the announcement during the launch event held at the Bahrain Financial Harbour building.

Minister Fakhro highlighted that any commercial activity in Bahrain requires a licence, and eFada will provide support to consumers and businesses by instilling confidence. Displaying the eFada logo signals that a business is an active entity with the necessary licences to operate. Certification through eFada is part of Bahrain’s national strategy to promote the growth of the economy through electronic transactions and the adoption of e-commerce.

Maram Al Mahmeed, the Director of the Information Systems Directorate, emphasised the purpose of the eFada seal, which is to establish reliability in terms of licensing and encourage consumers to engage with certified platforms. By instilling confidence in consumers, the initiative aims to boost e-commerce and digital business transactions. The responsibility for regulating e-commerce platforms falls under the jurisdiction of the Information Systems Directorate.

While the eFada certification currently remains voluntary, the e-commerce establishments are encouraged to take advantage of the free eFada certification process as part of Bahrain’s broader national e-commerce strategy.