Bangladeshi journalist convicted under Digital Security Act

Mamunur Rashid Nomani, the chief news editor of The Daily Shahnama and Barisal Khabar, is facing charges under the Digital Security Act for secretly filming a local mayor and his family.

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Mamunur Rashid Nomani, the chief news editor of the privately owned newspaper The Daily Shahnama and the Barisal Khabar news website editor, is scheduled to appear in court on 4 April to face charges arising from a 2020 case under two sections of the Digital Security Act. The charges come from a complaint claiming that Nomani and two of his friends secretly filmed a local mayor and his family, a charge he denies.

CPJ has frequently documented Bangladesh’s use of the Digital Security Act against journalists in retaliation for their work and has urged authorities to repeal the legislation unless it is quickly amended in accordance with international human rights standards.