Brazil launches BRL 28 Billion to boost digital inclusion and connectivity

This comprehensive endeavor is projected to invigorate the local economy and foster increased accessibility and technological advancements for its citizens.

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The Brazilian government has introduced a new Growth Acceleration Program (PAC) involving around BRL 28 billion in investments to improve digital inclusion and connectivity from 2023 to 2026. This public funding is expected to attract additional private investments, significantly benefiting the local economy and residents.

The program encompasses a range of strategic allocations, including BRL 6.5 billion, to fortify connectivity in educational institutions and primary healthcare centres. Additionally, BRL 1.9 billion has been designated for establishing and expanding 28 ‘digital information highways’ to interlink public service entities across different administrative levels. The bulk of the fund, totalling BRL 18.5 billion, is earmarked for the deployment of 5G infrastructure and the expansion of 4G coverage. Furthermore, there’s a provision of BRL 154 million to extend digital TV offerings in municipalities with limited channel options.

Why does it matter?

This investment package addresses the crucial need for internet access and technology in education and healthcare, driving future workforce skills and better medical services. It is expected to trigger economic growth by attracting private investment, fostering innovation, and aligning Brazil with global tech trends.