Canada tightens foreign investment rules for AI, Space Tech

Canada tightened regulations on foreign investments in critical sectors like AI, quantum computing, space tech, and minerals. Non-Canadian entities must notify the government before investing.

Canada flag is depicted on the screen with the program code

Canada has tightened regulations on foreign investments, particularly in critical sectors such as AI, quantum computing, space technology, and critical minerals. Non-Canadian entities are now required to notify the government before investing in these areas. The reason behind this regulation is to safeguard national interests.

The government has also enhanced its review process to assess potential risks, thereby protecting against threats to national security and economic sovereignty. While emphasising national security, Canada recognises the importance of foreign investment for economic growth and innovation. Consequently, efforts to strengthen partnerships with international allies, particularly in minerals production and technology innovation, aim to bolster economic resilience.

Canada is actively monitoring and regulating Chinese investment activities, implementing specific measures to prevent undue influence or control. This reflects broader concerns among Western nations regarding national security and economic sovereignty.