Canadian websites face threats from Indian cyber force hackers amidst controversy

Hackers from the Indian Cyber Force threaten to launch cyberattacks on Canadian websites amidst allegations of Indian government involvement in the murder of a Canadian Sikh activist, prompting Canadian authorities to bolster cybersecurity measures.

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A group of hackers from India, self-identifying as the Indian Cyber Force, has issued a severe threat to target Canadian websites. Their actions come as a response to allegations implicating the Indian government in the murder of a Canadian citizen who was an advocate for an independent Sikh state. The situation escalated as a Canadian dental clinic’s website fell victim to cyber vandalism, displaying the ominous message, ‘Hacked by Indian Cyber Force.’

This online turmoil has raised significant concerns, prompting Canadian authorities and cybersecurity experts to heighten their state of alertness. They are diligently monitoring the situation while fortifying the digital defenses of potential targets to preempt any potential attacks. The gravity of the threat underscores the imperative need for enhanced cybersecurity measures in today’s interconnected world.

Meanwhile, the Indian government has maintained a conspicuous silence, refraining from issuing any official statement in response to the hackers’ threats or the allegations regarding their involvement in the Canadian citizen’s untimely demise.