China aims to establish advanced metaverse industrial cluster

China is planning to build its metaverse by 2025, intending to create key metaverse companies. This initiative involves utilizing metaverse technology across sectors like home appliances and automotive. Implementing artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality is crucial. The government plans to establish industrial clusters around these technologies. Furthermore, manufacturing industries can benefit from adopting such technologies for improved efficiency. Local authorities in China have also taken steps to boost metaverse development, highlighting its potential for supporting the economy and traditional industries.

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China has unveiled a national plan to develop its own metaverse by 2025, with the goal of creating three to five globally influential metaverse companies. This plan was published by five Chinese ministries led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in a policy document.

The policy blueprint covering the time period of 2023 to 2025 highlights the application of metaverse technology in various industries, such as home appliances, automotive, and aerospace.

The development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality technologies will be key to achieving the metaverse vision and the Chinese government aims to establish three to five industrial clusters around these emerging technologies. The document also suggests that manufacturing industries, including steel and textiles, can adopt related technologies to optimize scheduling, material calculation, and other parts of the production process.

Previously, some local authorities in China like Henan and Shanghai province have also issued their own policies to promote metaverse development, emphasizing on how it can support the economy and traditional industries.