China unveils largest quantum computing cloud platform

China’s quantum computing takes a leap forward with the launch of the nation’s largest quantum computing cloud platform.

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China Mobile and China Electronics Technology Group Corp have collaboratively introduced the largest quantum computing cloud platform in China, representing a significant advancement towards practical quantum computing. Unveiled at the 2023 China Computational Conference, this platform facilitates the combined scheduling of quantum and general computing capabilities. This development highlights China’s notable strides in the realm of quantum computing.

China Mobile asserts its pioneering role as the initial provider of public cloud services for quantum computing. By connecting China Electronics Technology Group Corp’s quantum computer, an open quantum fusion computing environment is established to aid universities, businesses, and researchers in their exploration of quantum algorithms. The platform’s potential applications encompass diverse fields like AI, biomedicine, transportation, aerospace, and more.

Why does this matter?

The promises that quantum computing holds also make it the subject of an ongoing ‘race for supremacy’ not only among tech companies, but among nations too. The USA and China are currently at the forefront, while the EU, Japan, and others are following closely. Like other emerging technologies, quantum computing has become a new nub of US-China competition. This move signifies China’s progress in moving quantum computing from theoretical concepts to practical applications, demonstrating their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.