Commercial Cost of Overlooking Accessibility in design

Prioritizing accessibility in design is crucial in the competitive e-commerce landscape to cater to users with disabilities. Neglecting accessibility can result in inequality and hinder universal product or service usage, impacting the overall success of businesses. It is vital to incorporate inclusivity as a strategic priority in design rather than a mere formality.

E-commerce has made sales more competitive than ever before however, Accessibility in design must

 be prioritized to include users who need more help to navigate the web. From a digital design

 standpoint, a cursory glance at most brands’ websites reveals a glaring level of inequality in online 

Accessibility “Traditionally the assumption has been that this relates predominantly to making websites

 accessible to visually impaired users. In reality it’s about much more than that”.

“Accessibility in design refers to the extent to which a product or service can be used universally, 

specifically taking into account the needs of users living with disabilities.”

“Treat [accessibility in design] as a strategic imperative from the start, not just a box-ticking exercise”