Cuba supports peaceful ICT development

The International Forum on the Use of ICTs for Peaceful Purposes took place in Havana, Cuba, where state officials and industry experts from 22 countries. convened. During the forum, officials called for the peaceful development of IT, stressing its potential to promote social and economic growth of developing states. 

Cuban Deputy Minister of Communications Wilfredo Gonzalez sees co-operation among countries in the formulation and implementation of measures to ensure security in ICTs as the key to preserving international peace, security, and stability. ‘By holding this forum, we intend to build a platform that allows dialogue and exchange on good practices in topics such as Internet governance, application of international law, ICT security and responsible use by individuals, organizations and states,’ Gonzalez said, and added that the Caribbean nations support the establishment of a global system to prevent the misuse of ICTs. The final declaration called for negotiating and adopting, under the UN auspices, a binding legal instrument related to the secure use of ICT.