Digital resilience, inclusion and wellbeing for looked after children and young people

Carnegie UK Trust released research on Digital Resilience, Inclusion & Wellbeing For Looked After Children & Young People which explores possible ways to ensure young people are equipped with the appropriate access, skills, and motivation to navigate the array of online challenges and to seize the opportunities offered in the digital world. To this aim, the report goes beyond the popular understanding of how technology eradicates the digital divide and looks at how it deepens the digital divide and compounds many other forms of social, financial and cultural exclusion. It further tackles the types of technology utilised, the importance of implementation processes and the challenges of upskilling. This report provides useful insights for other local authorities and organisations supporting looked after young people and provides a number of principles for a) digital skills and literacy in young people; b) digital skills and literacy in staff; c) staff access to the safeguarding service; d) privacy, ethics, transparency, and trust; e) address the digital divide and inequalities; and f) provision of services.