Digital Services Act (DSA) caught in a fight between EU Parliament and French Council presidency

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is embroiled in a conflict between the EU Parliament and the French Council presidency due to disagreements over amendments, such as a “stay-down” obligation and protection for gambling content. This may lead to a rift between the two bodies, potentially impacting the DSA’s progress, with a vote scheduled for June and July.

The Digital Services Act (DSA), having received a political agreement between the EU Parliament and Council, is now caught in a fight between the Parliament and France. On Friday, a majority of political groups in the EU (Renew Europe, the Greens, EPP, the Left, and ECR) opposed the changes made by the French Council presidency or proposed by other representatives to the law’s preambles that are not agreed upon before. The changes include a newly added “stay-down” obligation to ensure that illegal content doesn’t reappear after its removal and some protection of gambling websites or posts from being taken down. Such changes might introduce a chasm between the Parliament and the Council, according to Parliament officials. The DSA is tentatively scheduled for a vote on 16 June in the Parliament internal market committee and a plenary vote in July.

Source: POLITICO, Euractiv