Digital tranquillity meets mindfulness | World Economic Forum 2024

In the “Mindfulness in Continuum” session at Davos, Krista Kim explores the healing power of digital landscapes through her project ‘Continuum,’ merging visual mantras and healing frequencies.

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The intersection of art, technology, and mindfulness took centre stage as Krista Kim, an advocate for the healing power of digital landscapes, and Joseph Fowler, the head of arts and culture at the World Economic Forum, shared their insights at the ‘Mindfulness in Continuum’ session at the World Economic Forum 2024 in Davos.

Kim aimed to recreate the immersive and calming experience of the Roenji Temple Garden digitally, thus creating ‘Continuum,’ a digital zen garden to create tranquillity and mindfulness.

Digital art
Continuum by Krista Kim. Credit: WEF

‘Continuum’ uses large screens to display visual mantras promoting presence and grounding. Healing sound frequencies are incorporated to enhance therapeutic effects, fostering a holistic and immersive experience. ‘Continuum’ addresses the negative impacts of over-reliance on digital devices by stripping away distractions through minimalist screen gradients. Kim’s approach involves guided meditation with deep breathing exercises and colour visualisation. The combination of visual mantras, healing sound frequencies, and minimalist design promotes a sense of interconnectedness and focus on personal well-being.

Read the full session report here.