Early Warning Systems in the Philippines: Building resilience through mobile and digital technologies

A report discusses enhancing resilience in the Philippines using mobile and digital technologies, emphasizing Early Warning Systems. Key stages include risk knowledge, forecasting, dissemination, and preparedness. Recommendations are outlined for government, mobile operators, solution providers, and donors to strengthen resilience through technology in the country.

Given that the Philippines is among the most affected countries by natural disasters in the world, GSMA produced a report examining how the country can build resilience through mobile and digital technologies. The report focuses on the Early Warning Systems (EWS) as a key element of disaster preparedness which comprise of four key stages: risk knowledge, forecasting and warning, dissemination and communication, and preparedness and response. To this aim, it identifies a set of recommendations for government, mobile and network operators (MNOs), solution providers, and international donor organisations to reinforce EWS through mobile and digital technologies in the Philippines.