Edinburgh’s digital plan targets poverty, inclusion, and sustainability

The City of Edinburgh Council’s Policy and Sustainability Committee endorsed its Digital and Smart City Strategy for the next three years. The strategy outlines how the council would espouse innovative technical solutions to rapidly address evolving business needs, respond to the changing shape of the organisation, provide value for money, and respond to opportunities and demands for co-operation with partners. To this aim, the strategy is tailored toward customer and business drivers for the technology used by the council and lays the foundations to ‘maximise the potential of digital technologies to improve outcomes and services for all our citizens, councillors, colleagues, visitors, and businesses’. In line with Edinburgh’s 2050 City Vision, the strategy will also help the city council in the delivery of its business plan and its commitments to deliver: an economy for all,, a sustainable future, a healthier city for all ages, and a council that works for all, as well as deliver for children and families and build for a future Edinburgh. It further prioritises digital learning, digital skills, and digital inclusion, particularly amid the COVID-19 crisis. ‘Our aim is to ensure that no one is left behind digitally, and detailed planning will take place to turn this aim into reality’.