EU antitrust regulators keep an eye on AI chip market amidst Nvidia probe

Antitrust regulators have not yet launched a formal investigation into AI chips, despite recent actions against Nvidia in France.

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EU antitrust regulators have stated that they have not initiated a formal inquiry into AI chips. This announcement came from the European Commission on Monday, shortly after the French competition authority conducted a raid on Nvidia (NVDA.O) over suspected anti-competitive actions. Nvidia had chosen not to provide a comment following the French raid.

Last week, Bloomberg News reported that the EU antitrust oversight body was informally gathering opinions on potential unfair practices within the graphics processing unit market.

Why does this matter?

As AI technology becomes increasingly integral to various sectors, including healthcare, automotive, and finance, ensuring fair competition and preventing anti-competitive practices is crucial. The actions of EU antitrust regulators can influence the development and accessibility of AI technology in Europe and beyond, impacting businesses, consumers, and the broader digital economy.