EU Member states are running late with the Accessibility Act

EU Member states are behind schedule in transposing the European Accessibility Act, which aims to ensure access for people with disabilities to various products and services by June 28, 2022. Only Austria, Belgium, Estonia, and Finland have completed this process, with others urged to follow suit.

The European Accessibility Act is an EU law that should ensure the accessibility of a range of products and services for persons with disabilities. These include: computers, Tablets, banking services, ticketing machines, smartphones, TVs, e-books, online shopping etc.

On 28 June 2022, the European Accessibility Act had to be transposed into national law according to the deadline set in the legislation that was adopted in 2019. The adopted law takes the form of an EU Directive, this means that the provisions are not directly applicable but, Member States first have to include them into their national laws. This can be done in two ways; 

1. Have a new law on accessibility, or

2. Include the accessibility provisions in a range of existing national laws
So far, four Member States; Austria, Belgium, Estonia, and Finland have  notified the European Commission on their finalization of the transposition and published their national laws in the national language(s)