European Commission Published a new report mapping Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Help Seeker and Perpetrator Prevention Initiatives

The European Commission has published a report that maps out initiatives focused on preventing child sexual abuse and exploitation by help seekers and perpetrators. This report provides case studies highlighting the use of classification criteria and tags to support knowledge of prevention initiatives, aiming to aid member states and stakeholders in developing tailored prevention strategies.

The European Commission has released a new report, Help-seeker and Perpetrator Prevention Initiatives – Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation. On the basis of case studies, this report illustrates how classification criteria and tags can support knowledge of child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention initiatives for help-seekers and perpetrators by adopting a common taxonomy for different stakeholders. The Appendix presents an updated mapping of initiatives aimed at preventing CSA, categorised according to different objectives. It is intended to support the EU member states and stakeholders in designing and implementing prevention strategies that are tailored to specific cultural and social contexts and requirements.