First National Forum on Cybersecurity and cybercrimes in Cameroon held

At the first National Forum on cybersecurity and the fight against cybercrimes held from the 03-05 November 2020, the Cameroonian Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Minette Libom Li Keng said an open and secure Internet is an engine of economic growth and social development.

The forum’s theme National Cyberspace and security challenges, was aimed at raising awareness on cybersecurity and the responsible use of social networks. She disclosed that in 2018, 3388 cases of identity theft were registered while in 2019 2050 complaints relating to scamming and phishing amounting to 5 billion Central African CFA franc and bank fraud loss of 6 billion Central African CFA franc has occurred. 11 617 vulnerabilities were detected on the websites of public administration bodies.

The forum enabled cybersecurity experts to exchange ideas and reflect on cyber policies and intervention levels that can secure the national cyberspace.