French economy ministry opens consultation on virtual worlds

The French Ministry of Economy is seeking feedback on virtual world policy issues like privacy and health risks. The consultation aims to gather input from citizens, companies, and researchers to develop a strategy for digital transition and ensure European digital sovereignty. Open until May 2, it covers technologies such as virtual reality, game engines, and blockchain. This complements the Ministry of Culture’s initiatives.

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The French Ministry of Economy has opened a consultation to gather feedback on policy issues related to virtual worlds, such as privacy, health, and environmental risks. The Ministry seeks input from various stakeholders, including citizens, companies, associations, and researchers. The consultation is part of wider government plans to develop a French strategy to anticipate the digital transition and provide an alternative to virtual worlds offered by dominant international companies and ensure digital sovereignty for Europe.

The consultation will be open until 2 May, encompassing various technologies like virtual and augmented reality, game engines, and blockchain technology. The initiative complements the efforts of the Ministry of Culture.