German tech company EnviDa launches blockchain solution to fight climate change

EnviDa, a German tech company, introduces a blockchain solution to combat climate change. Through its decentralized platform, environmental data can be collected using sensors integrated into mobile miners. This data is validated and miners are rewarded with EnviDa Tokens, which can also be traded via blockchain applications to aid governments and environmental organizations.

CONTENT: [EnviDa](, a German-based tech company, announced the launch of the EnviDa Blockchain and the first Decentralized Finance (DeFi) listing of EnviDa token. It consists of a decentralised solution for collecting sensitive, future-relevant environmental data, which integrates sensors into mobile, multifunctional crypto miners.

With the DriveMining technology, passenger transport or companies can collect data independently on environmental indicators such as CO2 levels, fine dust levels and temperature, feed them into the network, where they will undergo a validation process. Miners will be further rewarded with EnviDa Tokens for their contribution. There is also an option for users to trade the collected data via blockchain applications, which can serve governments and environmental organizations.