Germany is set to approve the EU’s proposed AI act-sources

Germany is poised to approve the EU’s AI act after the Free Democrats withdrew their objections. The decision aligns with the EU’s plan to regulate AI development and establish a global technology standard. The German government has not commented yet. The Social Democrats, part of the ruling coalition, also let go of their objections, signaling support for the legislation.

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Germany is set to approve the AI Act of the European Union, as the Free Democrats (FDP), who are part of the ruling coalition, have withdrawn their objections. This decision comes after the European Union reached a provisional agreement in December to establish regulations for the development of AI and create a global standard in technology regulation. The German government has not yet provided a comment on this matter.

All EU legislation requires ratification by a committee comprising representatives from each country. The FDP, part of Social Democrat Olaf Scholz’s coalition with the Greens, has relinquished its objections, according to four sources familiar with the decision, despite the party’s strong advocacy for protecting civil liberties.