Google and Microsoft impress investors with AI growth

Investors were pleasantly surprised by Microsoft Corp. and Google owner Alphabet Inc.’s quarterly results, with both companies exceeding Wall Street expectations, driven by their AI and cloud computing endeavours.

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Microsoft Corp. and Google owner Alphabet Inc. impressed investors surpassing Wall Street expectations with robust quarterly results driven by AI and cloud computing. The surge in cloud revenue, fueled partly by the increasing use of AI services, propelled both companies’ shares higher in late trading, with Alphabet soaring up to 17% and Microsoft gaining 6.3%.

The tech giants are in a fierce competition for AI dominance, with Microsoft partnering with startup OpenAI to challenge Google’s longstanding dominance in internet search. Yet, the latest results indicate significant growth opportunities for both companies in the AI and cloud computing landscape.

Also, 2024 is hailed as the year of generative AI deployment, a technology that creates text, images, and videos from simple prompts. Executives from Alphabet and Microsoft highlighted how these programs drive business growth for their cloud computing units, with corporate clients increasingly investing in long-term cloud infrastructure.

Why does it matter?

Google’s cloud operation, which once lagged behind competitors, is now thriving, posting a significant profit and attracting enterprise clients. Despite setbacks in the consumer market, Google Cloud’s AI offerings have gained traction among corporate customers, driving substantial revenue growth.

Similarly, Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform saw a 31% sales increase, surpassing analyst expectations. Integrating AI technology across Microsoft’s product line, mainly through its partnership with OpenAI, is successfully driving customer adoption and revenue growth. With promising uptake for AI tools and services, both companies are optimistic about the future of AI-driven solutions in cloud computing.