Google search drives ISIS recruits to anti-ISIS content

Jigsaw, Google’s own tech incubator, is exploring the ways to use its search tool to drive potential ISIS recruits to existing anti-ISIS videos on YouTube, Wired reports. Adapting the search engine algorithms that place ads based on the combination of the terms used in search box, Jigsaw attempts to place ads for those searching for keywords that ISIS recruits commonly look for. Those ads, in English and Arabic, would then redirect their visitors to YouTube lists of existing videos that Jigsaw believes can combat ISIS propaganda, such as testimonies from former recruits, Imams’ messages against ISIS, etc. Google believes this may be a subtle way to bring potential ISIS recruits to existing anti-ISIS content, which may be more effective than removing the continuous influx of pro-ISIS materials. Jigsaw reported that, over the course of a two-month test, more than 300,000 people were brought to the anti-ISIS YouTube channels, many watching the clips for a longer period than the average YouTube users watch videos.