Government of Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona and UNICEF, and ITU working to establish Giga Technology Centre in Barcelona

Government of Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona, UNICEF, and ITU collaborate to establish a Giga Technology Centre in Barcelona to enhance global school internet connectivity. The center will focus on research, product development, and experimentation with innovative technologies like blockchain, satellite imagery analysis, and artificial intelligence. It will serve as a hub for fostering cooperation between Giga, technology firms, regulators, and policymakers to advance universal school connectivity.

To promote the work of Giga and help connect all schools in the world to the internet, the Government of Spain, the Catalonia Regional Government, and the City of Barcelona in collaboration with the UN International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are planning for the establishment a Giga Technology Centre in Barcelona. The technology center aims at equipping learners with information, opportunity, and choice through research and product development to increase digital connectivity in schools. In this vein, it will lead on experimenting and creating new connectivity solutions through blockchain, satellite imagery analysis, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies – all entirely open-source. It will also provide a space for Giga, technology companies, regulators and policymakers to collaborate on digital policies in support of universal school connectivity.