How AI became the new frontier in the culture war

Elon Musk’s AI company, xAI, is facing criticism for promoting false information and being too politically correct. Critics argue that AI should not be biased, while supporters believe in developing truthful AI.

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Elon Musk’s new AI startup, xAI, has generated debate among right-wing activists who claim AI models are getting “too woke” and spreading misleading information. Musk has expressed reservations about training AI to be politically correct, stating that his company’s AI will strive to be “maximally true.” This argument is consistent with the continuing culture war and conservative social media content management opposition.

However, scientists contend that the notion of AI models having political biases is unfounded because AI remixes and regurgitates information from sources without having opinions. They warn against overestimating AI models’ autonomy and underline the significance of algorithms and source material in generating results. Conservative politicians have criticized major AI companies for utilizing “woke” training data with a political view. Activists have warned of the risks of “woke AI,” major conservative media sites have echoed similar fears, linking AI models like ChatGPT to “woke ideology.”

The debate surrounding AI is often focused on its potential benefits and risks, with conservatives expressing concerns over bias and censorship. However, the discussion fails to address how AI systems can perpetuate existing inequalities and harm marginalized communities. Research has shown that AI algorithms can propagate racial biases, leading to biassed mortgage lending and facial recognition technology outcomes.

Conservatives’ disappointment has led AI startups like OpenAI to address biases and portray themselves as politically neutral. OpenAI is committed to reducing bias in their ChatGPT model to satisfy critics from various political perspectives. Right-wing attempts to create their own “anti-woke” AI models have been unsuccessful, producing flawed and irrational outcomes. Musk’s new AI venture, xAI, aims to “uncover the true nature of the universe,” although its objectives and ethical principles remain undisclosed. Musk’s complex involvement with AI adds complexity as he warns of the existential threat it poses while also working to advance its development.