Cyberwar games: Cyber Europe 2022

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity recently conducted Cyber Europe 2022, a major cyber crisis simulation involving 800 experts from European countries and institutions, focusing on a healthcare infrastructure attack response. Coordination among participants and collaboration with various entities were tested to strengthen the sector’s resilience against cyber threats. Lessons learned will be shared in a forthcoming report.

One of the largest cyber crisis simulations organised by The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) has just been completed. With over 800 cybersecurity experts from 29 European countries and the European Free Trade Area (EFTA), it involved specialists from EU agencies and institutions as well.

This year, the exercises involved a scenario of a simulated attack on European healthcare infrastructure and they tested how participants’ respond to incidents in coordination with EU institutions. They involve the ability of close work with CERT-EU and ENISA in order to reinforce the resilience of the healthcare sector against cyber attacks in the EU with complex business continuity in crisis management situations.

These lessons will be published in ENISA’s ‘after-action report.’