Imperial College London to launch COVID-19 information platform

Imperial College London has announced that it will launch a global knowledge platform to enable healthcare actors to provide high-quality healthcare to COVID-19 patients. The platform called Real-time Data Analysis and Synthesis (REDASA) will store global data on COVID-19 from more than half a million sources, using artificial intelligence (AI), data analysis, and expert review. On the platform, clinicians and policymakers can access up-to-date information that helps them with decision-making and research. 

REDASA is being built in collaboration with tech companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), MirrorWeb, and Cloudwick. REDASA uses MirrorWeb’s website capture technology to collect a large amount of data at speed, while ensuring that information collected from public data sources is accurate by using machine learning. The gathered information is then stored and processed on Amorphic, Cloudwick’s data and analytics platform, which utilises advanced data science techniques to produce automated insights and provides a secure method for users to access the information. Furthermore, AWS machine-learning services, combined with human curation, enable REDESA to conduct deep data analysis and extract the most critical insights promptly, which helps users to make sense of the large amount of information.