Invitation for paper submissions on Worldwide AI Governance

A call is made for concise papers addressing vital themes in global AI governance, in preparation for the inaugural Multistakeholder Advisory Body on AI meeting. The focus is on key AI governance issues, ongoing initiatives, and innovative models. Submissions of around 2000 words are accepted until September 30th via email.

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In preparation for the inaugural meeting of the Multistakeholder Advisory Body on AI, a call is extended for concise papers addressing key themes in global AI governance. Themes include:

  • Key Global AI Governance Issues: The papers should provide studies and recommendations on essential themes and priorities for the High-Level Advisory Board on AI. Specifically, they should highlight areas that require global governance.
  • Current Global AI Governance Efforts: the papers should analyze bilateral, multilateral, and inter-regional initiatives in global AI governance. They should also consider different philosophical approaches and critical perspectives and provide recommendations.
  • Models for Global AI Governance: The papers can either analyze existing models or propose new models for global AI governance. They can also include surveys and analyses of other proposed models.

Papers of approximately 2000 words are accepted, with a submission deadline of 30 September. Submissions can be made through hyperlinks or PDF attachments to

These insights will guide discussions and help establish a global AI governance framework that benefits society.