IoT malware reached over 160 countries

Earlier this month, a cybercriminal published the source code of a malware (known as Mirai) used to operate the Internet of Things (IoT) botnet that caused the largest ever DDoS attack, against KrebsOnSecurity. Researchers have investigated Mirai and discovered that the botnet made of Mirai-infected devices has reached over 160 countries (164 countries according to Imperva, and 177 countries according to MalwareTech). Mirai effectiveness and quick spread is due to the fact that it targets IoT devices that are easy to hack, as Motherboard notes. Experts believe that the hackers have released of the code in order to make it harder for security companies to attribute the attack to a particular person or a group, since many would have the code. This release could, however, enable many less skillful hackers to compile own botnets and conduct strong DDoS or other types of attacks using various connected devices.