Italian national digital ID scheme reaches 30 million users milestone

The Italian national digital ID scheme has gained 30 million users, growing by over 10 million accounts in 10 months, with a rise in demand linked to digitization of government services. Over 330 million service requests were recorded in the first quarter of 2022. The government targets achieving a 46% user penetration among their estimated 60 million population by 2023.

The Italian national digital ID scheme SPID activated over 10 million accounts over the last 10 months, bringing the number of digital ID accounts to 30 million. The rise in demand for digital ID is connected to digitisation of government services. There were over 330 million service requests in the first quarter of 2022. 

To use these services remotely, one requires a valid national identity document. The report by the Italian government shows that over 28 million people possess valid identification documents which they used to sign up for SPID. The government aims to reach 46% of the population, estimated at 60 million people, by 2023.