ITU publishes recent Global ICT Regulatory Tracker that pinpoints the rapid evolution of ICT regulation

The Information and Telecommunication Union (ITU) launched the 2018 edition of the ICT Regulatory Tracker which is an evidence-based tool to help decision-makers and regulators comprehend the rapid evolution of information and communication technology (ICT) regulation. The Tracker identifies gaps in existing regulatory frameworks and the changes taking place in the ICT regulatory environment aiming at supporting the regulatory reform required to promote a vibrant and inclusive ICT sector. It includes 50 indicators clustered in four groups: regulatory authority, regulatory mandate, regulatory regime, competition framework. Some of the key findings of the 2018 Tracker include: a) many countries are making substantial progress towards collaborative “fifth-generation” regulation, b) a third of countries have advanced towards the fourth generation regulators, c) within ten years, the integrated regulation led by economic and social policy goals (G4) has become the key standard for every ICT regulator.