Kaspersky published a security bulletin on spam and phishing in 2015

Kaspersky Lab has recently published a security bulletin looking at spam and phishing in 2015. According to the bulletin, 55,28% of email flows in 2015 was represented by spam (which was 11,48% lower that in 2014). The top five sources of spam were: the USA (15,16%), Russia (6,15%), Vietnam (6,13%), China (6,12%) and Germany (4,24%).  The top three countries most often targeted by malicious mailshots were Germany, Brazil, Russia, the UK and the USA. Russia suffered the highest number of phishing attacks in 2015, with 17,8% of the global total. Japan (21,68 %) took the lead in the ranking of unique users attacked by phishers. Most phishing attacks (34,33%) targeted online financial organisations (banks, payment systems and online stores).