Kyrgyzstan and China sign digital cooperation agreement to boost technological progress

The agreement focuses on advancing digital infrastructure through data processing centers, digital solutions, and best practices in industrial Internet technologies.

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Kyrgyzstan’s Minister of Digital Development, Nuria Kutnaeva, and Silk Road Industrial Internet Promotion Center’s General Director, Yang Yun, have signed a memorandum to enhance digital infrastructure and technological collaboration.

Aligned with the commitment to science and technology cooperation outlined in the Statement of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the agreement targets the development of data processing centers, digital solutions, and adopting best practices in industrial internet technologies.

This strategic move is set to drive tangible digital transformation in public administration, with key elements including the development of digital infrastructure, archival document digitisation, and chip production plant construction—all supported by the Silk Road Industrial Internet Promotion Center. The collaborative effort has received approval from Kyrgyz Republic’s Cabinet Chairman, Akylbek Zhaparov.

Why does it matter?

Kyrgyzstan’s emphasis on essential aspects of digital transformation highlights its proactive approach to integrating technology into vital areas of public administration. This commitment resonates with the recently affirmed collaboration between the EU and the Kyrgyz Republic in digital development at the Global Gateway Forum in Brussels. The collaboration concentrates explicitly on various dimensions of digital development, including providing state e-services, fostering digital skills, and bolstering cybersecurity and personal data protection.