Malawi government and Macra partner to expand ICT education in schools

This initiative comes in response to the current situation where only 241 out of 1,610 secondary schools offer computer studies due to the lack of technological infrastructure.

Flag of Malawi

The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) and the Ministry of Education are collaborating to build 75 ICT Labs in selected secondary schools nationwide. This initiative addresses the lack of technological infrastructure in secondary schools, where only 241 out of 1,610 offer computer studies.

Using the Universal Service Fund (USF), Macra plans to construct 100 ICT Labs annually for the next five years as part of Phase 1 of the ‘Connect-a-School Project,’ with construction starting in the next quarter. Additionally, the Ministry of Education intends to equip Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) with ICT equipment and provide digital skills training to ensure the effective use and maintenance of the technologies in the ICT Labs.

This effort aligns with MW2063 Enabler Number 5, focusing on digital inclusion and human capital development.

Why does it matter?

Like many other developing countries, Malawi faces a digital divide where access to technology and digital skills is limited, especially in remote and rural areas. In today’s global economy, digital literacy and proficiency are essential for employability and economic growth. Consequently, this initiative comes at the right time, helping the country invest in its people, making its workforce more competitive and attractive to employers, and helping it adapt to the changing digital world.