McAfee 2022 study finds Indian children to be more vulnerable online

McAfee’s 2022 study revealed Indian children face high online risk exposure and lack parental protection. Indian kids, aged 10-14, surpass the global smartphone usage average, with 22% facing cyberbullying, 11% engaging in private chats with strangers, and parents lacking necessary online safety skills. Despite cyberbullying concerns falling below global averages, Indian children report higher instances compared to other countries, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced online safety measures in Indian families.

A study by McAfee “Life Behind the Screens of Parents, Tweens, and Teens” The 2022 McAfee® Connected Family Study—India, indicates that Indian children have the highest online risk exposure and need to be protected.

In India children are the youngest to reach mobile maturity online and the report indicates their exposure to online risks are highest.  In India 83% children between the age of 10-14 years use smartphones, which is 7% above the international average of 76%. Further 22% Indian children have experienced cyber bullying which is 5% higher than the global average of 17%..The number of children reporting having private conversation with strangers was 11% higher than of other children globally.

The report also highlights the lack of technical skills and understanding among parents to keep their children safe online.  While the concerns related to cyberbullying in India falls below the global average, yet the number of children reporting cyberbullying is on an average higher than most countries. Apart from cyberbullying issues of online privacy and safety online have been reported more from families in India than worldwide.