Meta launches ad-free subscription on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram users in Europe will be able to purchase ad-free subscriptions starting in November. This comes after EU highest court’s judgment mandating Meta to get users’ consent prior to displaying advertisements.

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In compliance with the EU data protection regulations, Facebook and Instagram users in Europe can purchase ad-free subscriptions to both platforms starting in November. Because of fees from app stores like Apple and Google, iOS and Android users would have to pay about 13 euros, while users of desktop browsers will be able to deposit around 10 euros per month.

Until March, all linked Facebook and Instagram accounts will be covered by this price; after that, Meta will start charging €6 for each extra account. The move comes in response to a judgement by the highest court in the European Union, which mandates that Meta get user consent prior to showing advertisements. 

Meta expressed its commitment to complying with evolving European regulations regarding online advertising. In response to these regulations, they have introduced a paid option for users aged 18 and older in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. This option allows users to use Facebook and Instagram without ads, balancing regulatory requirements and user choice. Additionally, Meta is exploring ways to provide a responsible ad experience for teenagers in line with European privacy rulings.

Why does it matter?

According to Reuters, Meta’s ongoing antitrust challenges in the European Union and a recent legal setback where the European Court upheld a German antitrust authority’s authority to investigate privacy violations have had the company contemplating a two-tiered strategy. They are considering introducing a choice for users: a free, ad-supported plan and a paid, ad-free subscription. This dual-option approach is intended to provide users with the flexibility to select the free plan while helping Meta align with regulatory requirements without significantly impacting its advertising business.