Microsoft and the Open Data Institute announce initiative to help close the digital divide

Microsoft and the Open Data Institute (ODI) launched the Education Open Data Challenge to explore the relationship between broadband access and K-12 (ages 5-18) education outcomes. The Education Open Data Challenge encourages teams to assess the state of the global digital divide in K-12 education, identify potential impacts on learning outcomes, and propose innovative cost-efficient solutions to bridge the digital divide with special focus on:

  • The steps governments, education providers, businesses, or society can take to help students gain equal access to education in areas affected by a lack of digital infrastructure;
  • How education system leaders can most effectively improve digital access to enable equal learning for all students; and
  • How to develop the skills needed to make online learning tools and platforms inclusive and effective to students from disadvantaged communities.

The winning team will be invited to elect a non-profit organisation of their choice to receive a £50,000 award, with the runners-up electing non-profit organisations of their choice to receive £30,000 and £20,000 awards.