Microsoft announces a $1 billion digital transformation plan for Poland

A US$1 billion investment plan to innovation and digital transformation in the ‘Polish Digital Valley’ was revealed by Microsoft. The full-fledged plan hinges on three strands. First, the establishment of a new cloud partnership for the ‘Polish Digital Valley’ through a partnership between Microsoft and domestic cloud provider Chmura Krajowa to provide digital transformation expertise and broad access to cloud solutions across all industries and enterprises in Poland. Second, capacitating an estimated 150,000 business employees and IT professionals, educators, students, and citizens with digital competencies to support the digital transformation of organisations. Third, providing companies with local access to Microsoft’s full set of cloud services. ‘I deeply believe that Microsoft’s investment in Poland will be important for enterprises, public institutions and the education system and will enable them to digitally transform and implement new work standards. Our primary goal is to accelerate Poland’s transformation into a technological hub for the region of Central and Eastern Europe,’ noted Poland Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.