The Ministry of Jal Shakti recommends five technologies in drinking water & sanitation to provide solutions to States/UTs

India’s Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation at The Ministry of Jal Shakti published a recommendation about five water-related technologies – three technologies for drinking water and two technologies for sanitation. The recommendations would help the States / Union Territories in deciding which technologies they should use for their needs. The five recommended technologies are: (A) Grundfos AQpure, a solar energy-based water treatment plant based on ultra-filtration; (B) Janajal Water on Wheel, an IoT based electric vehicle based on GPS location to enable the delivery of safe water to the doorstep of households; (C) Presto Online Chlorinator, a non-electricity dependent online chlorinator for disinfection of water for removal of bacterial contamination; (D) Johkasou technology – an inbuilt packaged black (sewage) and greywater (Kitchen and bath water) treatment system having an advanced anaerobic-aerobic configuration that can be installed underground; (E) FBTec®, a site assembled decentralised sewage treatment system using fixed filter media.