Moldova blocks Russian news websites, citing information war concerns

Moldova’s Prime Minister has expressed concerns that Russia is attempting to influence the upcoming local elections and disrupt the democratic process within the country.


Moldova blocked access to major Russian news websites, including Interfax and TASS, accusing them of participating in an information war against the country. This move comes amidst growing tensions, with Moldova alleging Russian interference in its internal affairs and an attempt to destabilize its pro-Western government.

The country’s Intelligence and Security Service has issued a decree listing 31 websites to be blocked immediately for their alleged role in the information war against Moldova, in addition to the 22 sites previously blocked this month. This development also includes the suspension of licenses for six domestic TV channels.

Russia has not yet responded, but Moldova’s Prime Minister, Dorin Recean, expressed concerns about Russian attempts to influence the upcoming local elections and disrupt the democratic process.

Why does it matter?

As Moldova progresses towards the EU accession, it may face a power struggle with Russia, with the weaponization of information allegedly employed to disrupt internal affairs and democratic institutions. A recent US intelligence report sheds light on Russia’s global campaign to undermine trust in elections, claiming that it systematically targeted the integrity of at least 11 elections in nine democracies between 2020 and 2022. This situation underscores the challenges Moldova may confront as it strives to protect its democratic institutions and sovereignty while navigating the complex geopolitical dynamics of Eastern Europe.