NATO’s humanitarian mission in Turkey and Syria is disrupted by cyberattacks

NATO’s humanitarian mission in Turkey and Syria faces cyberattacks from pro-Russian group Killnet due to their support for Ukraine, causing disruption in communication and affecting military aircraft supplying aid. NATO officials confirm the incident, revealing that websites, including the Special Operations Headquarters, were down for a few hours. The Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) reliant on NATO support for military and humanitarian airlifts was also impacted.

Pro-Russian hacking group Killnet took responsibility for disrupting communication between NATO and military aircraft supplying aid to victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake. The cyberattacks are believed to be carried out in retaliation for NATO’s support of Ukraine.

NATO officials confirmed the incident and stated that DDos led to the NATO Special Operations Headquarters website and other websites going down for a couple of hours. Moreover, The Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC), an organisation that relies on NATO support to provide military and humanitarian airlifts, was reportedly affected.