A new Internet Master Plan to bridge the digital divide in New York

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chief Technology Officer John Paul Farmer released an Internet Master Plan to provide high-speed, affordable Internet access to the city’s five boroughs. The plan will be implemented in collaboration with the private sector which will present a Universal Solicitation for Broadband (USB) identifying how they will use the city assets to bring broadband access to underserved neighborhoods. Based on the USB, the existing infrastructure including rooftops and light poles will be deployed by the city to serve this plan. ‘Every New Yorker deserves easy, affordable access to the internet. With the Internet Master Plan, we are giving notice to corporations that the days of creating a digital divide in our city are over. Providing equitable broadband service to all New Yorkers regardless of where they live or how much they make is vital to ensuring everyone has the basic tools they need to succeed,’ highlighted de Blasio. Many households outside Manhattan are currently suffering from lack of mobile and/or broadband services; while 40% lack either mobile or home broadband services, 18% lack both, according to the city’s statistics.