New mechanism to increase journalists’ safety in Slovakia

A new initiative in Slovakia aims to enhance journalists’ safety. The Investigative Centre of Jan Kuciak launched to prevent attacks on journalists, with support from Reporters Without Borders. An initial survey revealed that 66% of Slovak journalists had faced threats or attacks in the past year, mainly through online verbal assaults.

A new online journalist protection mechanism has been launched in Slovakia to monitor and prevent attacks on journalists and assist victims. The Investigative Centre of Jan Kuciak (ICJK), an investigative media and NGO founded in 2018, established the ( project, which Reporters Without Borders (RSF) support with funding and expertise. conducted an initial online survey of the Slovak journalistic community to identify threats, showing that over two-thirds (66%) of the respondents experienced an incident (attack or threat) in the past 12 months. Online verbal attacks were the most common, with 40%.