Nokia to offer Irish government solution to undersea cable security concerns

Nokia is offering a security solution to address the concerns of the Irish government regarding undersea cable security.

Map of submarine cables

Nokia, the Finnish technology company, has developed innovative technology for monitoring the security of vulnerable undersea cables and pipelines. Their invention involves monitoring fluctuations in the light signals transmitted through fiber optic cables. These fluctuations can indicate potential issues with the cable, including sabotage or seismic events. Nokia has deployed these sensors, known as Distributed Acoustic Sensors, at various offshore platforms in Norway to enhance cable security.

A Nokia expert, speaking from Portugal on condition of anonymity, revealed that discussions are underway regarding a meeting with Irish officials scheduled for October 2023. Nokia intends to introduce its innovative technology to the Irish government and gather input from various stakeholders to understand Ireland’s specific requirements. The expert mentioned that they can demonstrate the system using an existing cable, and if Ireland opts for this technology, it can be installed relatively quickly within a matter of days.