NTT and Chunghwa Telecom to boost global connectivity with IOWN

NTT Corporation and Chunghwa Telecom have teamed up to implement international network connectivity via IOWN, focusing on the All-Photonics Network. This collaboration aims to enhance global connectivity between Japan and Taiwan.

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NTT Corporation and Chunghwa Telecom have forged a strategic partnership, laying the groundwork for the realisation of international network connectivity using the innovative Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) technology. This collaborative effort revolves around the utilisation of IOWN’s cutting-edge communication capabilities, with a particular focus on the All-Photonics Network, aiming to establish a robust and high-speed international network link between Japan and Taiwan. At its foundation, NTT’s innovative IOWN concept leverages photonics and optics to deliver not only high-speed communications but also substantial computing resources. On the other hand, Chunghwa Telecom, a major player in Taiwan’s telecommunications landscape, supports the IOWN concept and actively participates in the IOWN Global Forum, contributing to use cases and technologies.

The IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network) is an initiative for networks and information processing infrastructure including terminals that can provide high-speed, high-capacity communication utilising innovative technology focused on optics, as well as tremendous computational resources. This is done in order to overcome the limitations of existing infrastructure with innovative technologies, optimise the individual with the whole based on all available information, and create a rich society that is tolerant of diversity