One million $USD grant for digital skills training programme in Arabic

Google granted one million $USD to improve its Arabic digital skills learning programme ‘Maharat Min Google’ which proved to be useful in the case of Greenish for Sustainable Awareness, an environmental awareness organisation in Egypt that managed to reach out to more Internet users and enhance its online presence by 40% through Maharat Min Google. In the same vein, Google is regranting Injaz Al-Arab, a non-profit organisation for education and training, to scale digital skills trainings in Arabic, to reach a further 100 000 people in 2020. Additionally, Google announced the improvement of Google Search in Arabic through new display information related to movie timings, music, and sports – three of the top things people search for in Arabic. ‘Overtime, we began to better understand the types of questions you have, and we progressed into something that we call “structured answers”,’ highlighted Google Vice President of Global Marketing Marvin Chow.