OpenAI and Italian SA meet to discuss way forward after ChatGPT ban

OpenAI met with the Italian Data Protection Authority to discuss concerns regarding the ChatGPT language model. OpenAI expressed readiness to collaborate and comply with Italian data protection laws, ensuring transparency and protection of personal data, especially for children. They will provide a document outlining measures to address the Authority’s requests, which will be evaluated by the Authority in response to the previous order.

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OpenAI has met with the Italian Data Protection Authority (SA) to address concerns raised by the SA regarding ChatGPT, a language model trained by OpenAI. OpenAI confirmed its willingness to cooperate with the Italian SA to comply with the legislation protecting the personal data of Italian and European individuals. OpenAI has committed to enhancing transparency in the use of personal data and existing mechanisms to exercise data subject rights and safeguards for children. They have also pledged to provide the Italian SA with a document setting out the measures to address the requests by the SA. The Italian SA will assess the proposed measures concerning the order issued vis-à-vis OpenAI.